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Local terror recruitment in J&K down in 2022; 28 hired till May 8 against 142 in entire 2021 | India News

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NEW DELHI: While local recruitment by terror outfits in Jammu and Kashmir remains a pressing concern with CRPF officials pointing to an “exponential increase” in hiring over the past two years, the figures for 2022 appear to be encouraging with just 28 local youths joining terror outfits so far, as compared to 142 in entire 2021.
As per CRPF sources, 187 locals were hired by terrorist outfits in 2018, which fell to 121 in 2019, the year when Article 370 was abrogated in J&K. The number climbed again in 2020 to 181, but fell to 142 in 2021 and was just 28 this year up to May 8.
CRPF sources said that of the 163 terrorists believed to be currently active in J&K, 85 are foreign terrorists and 78 local recruits. However, while the number of active foreign militants in J&K has reduced considerably over the past two years, the share of local terrorists has been going up.
“Earlier foreign militants would constitute 60%-70% of the total terrorists holed up in J&K. In the past two years, the tables have turned and around 60% of the active terrorists are home-grown,” an officer said and attributed the growing local terror component to growing radicalisation and motivation of young Kashmiris through social media and local religious figures.
“However, what is a positive development is that as compared to an average 300-350 terrorists active in J&K a few years back, no more than 150-160 terrorists are active now,” a CRPF official said while attributing this change to increased engagement of the terrorists by the security forces that has inflicted higher fatalities on the former. As many as 71 terrorists have been neutralised so far this year in J&K, of which only 19 were foreign terrorists and the remaining 52, local terror recruits.

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